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Providing Landlord Gas Safety Checks To Our Customers in Essex

Landlord Gas Safety Checks are a priority for rented accommodation. The responsibility for gas safety in rented properties lies with the landlord and properties must be compliant with the laws and regulations.

Paul Perfect Heating has you covered with Landlord Gas Safety Checks and provides you with the correct certificate required to rent out your property.

To obtain the correct certificate, all gas appliances and flues undergo a safety and combustion test. We also include testing the gas meter to ensure it is free from leaks. 

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Landlord Safety Checks

Test on gas meter (making sure the gas supply is free from leaks)

Combustion Test

Integrity test on flue

Gas rate all appliances. Inlet burner test

making sure adequate ventilation for gas appliances

£75 + VAT

a full appliance service is included and certification issued

Paul Perfect Heating Ltd has you covered with a certified landlord safety check

Gas Safe Registered Landlord Safety Check

Paul Perfect Heating Ltd provides Landlord Gas Safety Checks for all types of rented properties in Essex. Our team of Experts have you covered and can provide the correct certification you require to legally rent out your property.

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