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Providing a Power Flush Service To Our Customers in Essex

What is Power Flush?

A power flush is a process carried out by central heating engineers designed to remove sludgy build-up in the boiler, pipes and radiators that make up your central heating system. A power flushing unit sends water through your central-heating system at high velocity to dislodge any build-up of sludge, rust and other debris.

Power Flushing is a great service that ensures your properties heating system is running and being maintained to the highest standards. This can reduce your overall heating costs and also help reduce costly unforeseen repairs.

With over 25 years experience with Heating Services, we provide our customers with a professional Power Flush service.

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Power Flushing Can Reduce Your Heating Costs significantly

The Process of Power Flushing

Power Flushing has many stages throughout the process that ensures your system is running as efficient as possible.

  • Step One – Power Flush equipment set-up commences. The engineer beings to flush the heating system in both directions, looking for any issues and rectifying as required. Identifying contaminated radiators and completing maintenance to rectify.
  • Step Two – Once the initial flush is complete, the engineer adds a neutralising chemical to wash the system thoroughly, this balances the acidic levels within the system, reducing and preventing further internal corrosion.
  • Step Three –  The engineer will add an inhibitor to the system to ensure sludge buildup and corrosion is eliminated. This process can take some time.

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